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Stud Rams


Impact 16051
“Warfare” x Impact 193 (Arms Race x Young Jock)

1/2 interest owned by Miller Hampshires, TX

The dam 193 is also the dam to “Light’m Up”. His pedigree is “Arms Race x Young Jock” on the top and bottom of his pedigree. Current mature pictures will be coming. Last years write up of him read something like… You can hunt from coast to coast, border to border and not find a buck that combines the amount shear power and look into a sheep like 51 has. “Republic” has been a breeding machine and has a tremdous group of buck lambs on the ground. This is the $130,000 high seller from our 2016 sale and by the looks of the early set of babies we have in WI he is going to be worth every cent.


#16047 AKA “47”
“Warfare” x Impact 1065 (Young Jock)
This mating is Warfare x twin sister to Warfares dam. “47” was the buck from the early set last year that we kept full interest on. He looked great as a baby and matured into a beast. He will make them incredibly wide based, he’ll open them in the center part of his body, put a monster hip in them and give them a tremendous turn to their leg shape. Several 2017 lambs will be sired by “47”.

Fat Jesus
Bravo x Gentleman's Choice/Johnson 56

$58,000 high seller from the 2016 Jerry Dale Family's Spring Sale.
Special thanks to Craig Green and Justin Nathan for graciously working with us on exclusive
semen rights to Fat Jesus for 2017 lamb crop. He’s as impressive in person as he is in the pictures.
impact ram warfare

Impact 15004
Giddy Up x Impact 1168 (Arms Race x Young Jock)

Owned with Jim Johnson and Mike Stitzlein

“Warfare" was one of the most popular buck prospects in 2016 and has matured into one that is just as jaw dropping at 10 months old as he was at 10 weeks old. “Warfare” is from a ewe family that dates back to our beginnings in 1995 and has donor after donor in the maternal line that has produced too many champions and bucks to list. This female line has stood the test of time, in the last 20 years trends have come and gone many, many times and this maternal line has pushed thru them. This ewe family has just kept producing. To name a few, Res grand Iowa way back 1998, Grand Louisville 2004, Grand Iowa 2008, Hi selling ewe at Industries Elite, 5 of our donors, 3 donors for others, Grand WI 2010, Res Grand WI 2013. You can’t make one more Genetically rock solid than “Warfare”. His phenotype he is as good as anything we ever produced and wouldn’t take much of an argument to call him the best one ever. But we’ll hold off that designation until he produces some males and females that continue the tradition. We mated “Warfare” to 40 mature ewes, Flushed him to 8 donors and AI’d to 30 ewe lambs. Thanks again to Mike Stitzlein and Jim Johnson for trusting in our program again and buying our high seller the 2nd year in a row. “Warfare’s” will be available from all 3 of us in spring of 2016.

impact ram light em up

Impact 15092

Giddy Up x Impact/Charmasson 193 ( Arms Race x Young Jock)

Owned with Nicewonger Club lambs and Charmasson Club Lambs.

High seller from our 2nd buck sale of 2015. When potential buck buyers come to our place to look for bucks, “Light’m Up” is typically what they are looking for. “Light’m Up” excels in base width from his toes to the base of his body cavity, he is as round ribbed and as durable bodied as you can make one yet with a shoulder blade that lays in so smooth to his rib cage. “Light’m Up” is one of the biggest ended ones we’ve ever bred, with tremendous muscle shape and volume starting from the back of his neck and progressively gets wider. “Light’m Up” is mated to 20 mature ewes, flushed to 3 donors and Ai’d 20 ewe lambs. Thanks again to Nicewongers and Charmasson’s for purchasing ½ interest in “Light’m Up”. Lambs will be available at all 3 places in the spring of 2016.



Giddy Up Giddy UP Giddy UP

Burn x Specialist


We’re always searching for the next buck to bring into our program and we’ve owned and used some impressive bucks over the years, this guy is right up towards the top of the list. He is as impressive of one we have ever saw on the move, handles incredible, comes at you and walks away with awesome base width. His touch, tone, muscularity and structure is impeccable and he never gives you a bad look.
Bred to 80 ewes and flushed to 8 ewes.



Arms Race
Maker x 964 (Masterpiece Son)

Owned with Miller Hampshires

Bred to 100 ewes. Check out his video, he is more impressive moving around than he is in his still shot. Some have said anyone can get a good picture, so for the most discriminating evaluators we took a video. If you think he is as impressive in his video as we do, you need to come to the farm to see him and handle him to get a true appreciation of how good this one is. Loaded with shape down his top, perfect square loin, with a touch and hide as crisp as you can make one.


Cousin It Cousin It Cousin It
240 x Maker's Dam

This guy is bred about as tight as you can mate one.
This genetic line has worked really well for us and he was brought in to compliment “Arms Race”.
“Cousin it” has tremendous shape and structure.
Mated to 20 ewes.
Thanks to all of our ram buyers!



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