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Reference Sires


Scandalous scandalous Scandalous Scandalous

Arms Race x Impact 1100 ET (Young Jock x Six bits)

(The first 2 pictures are at 6 weeks old. The other 2 are 8 months old)
“Scandalous” sold in our 2nd sale and was the high seller this spring. He has not disappointed and gets better every day. He is the wether making kind, great structured, easy to look at, not to mention a hip and butt shape that scream wow! The genetics in this guy were the most popular in our sales, Impact 1100 ET had sisters produce a buck sold to Nicewonger, another one that sold to Rule Sheep Co. and the grand dam produced our high selling ewe lamb purchased by Simpson Club lambs in CO. We will have a set of ET’s sired by him as well as a set of ewes bred natural to him.

½ Interest sold to Dee Bros and Northern Starr Livestock, MN




Bushwacker Bushwacker

Impact 67 ET
Game Face” x Burson 53 (LJ x Leo)

#67 was pretty “green” on sale day, he was huge pinned and big footed. As he has grown up the muscle just kept coming.
He has matured into a beast, he is cocky and proud when strutting around, and unfortunately we didn’t get video of him prior
to sending him back to Dave. We used him on the 2nd flush and also bred the majority of the “Arms Race” ewe lambs to him.

½ interest sold to Dave Wolf Club Lambs, IA




Impact 115 ET
“Giddy Up” x Impact 1106 (Game Face x Money Maker)

Dam is also the dam to “Equalizer” that sold in 2014’s buck sale and was the high seller going to Team Johnson and Stitzline Club Lambs.
“Chiseled” is just that is his muscle shape, yet very neat in his body and rib.



Chuck Norris Chuck Norris Chuck Norris

Impact 134
Giddy UP x Impact 1338 ET (Arms Race x White 31 –Six bits)

Progeny from one of the best ewe families, producing such bucks as “Apollo”, “Scandalous”, “Lethal Weapon” and “Care Bear”. He is one the tallest fronted, shallowest ribbed and cracked opened “Giddy Ups” of this years March lambs. He is monster pinned and muscular. Why Chuck Norris??? As the legend states, Chuck Norris was once bitten by a deadly king cobra and after 5 days of excruciating pain the cobra died (definition of a bad dude).




Giddy Up Giddy UP Giddy UP

Burn x Specialist
We’re always searching for the next buck to bring into our program and we’ve owned and used some impressive bucks over the years, this guy is right up
towards the top of the list. He is as impressive of one we have ever saw on the move, handles incredible, comes at you and walks away with awesome
base width. His touch, tone, muscularity and structure is impeccable and he never gives you a bad look.
Bred to 80 ewes and flushed to 8 ewes.




Wild Game Young Jock

Impact 12095
Game Face x Impact Donor 803
Born March 2012

This is one that we couldn’t wait to breed ewes to this fall. His dam is the $12,000 ewe we sold at Industries elite in 2012 to Wolf Club Lambs in Iowa. Prior to selling her we had 3 ewes in that family in our Donor program. Impact 803, Impact 706 and Impact 916 all as Donors. His genetic makeup is as good as anything we have put together and phenotype is as good as it gets. We flushed 4 ewes to him with tremendous results and naturally bred another 25 ewes to him. This ewe family has produced countless winning wethers, bucks and donor ewes.

Duffy 60 LJ x Leo

As the old saying goes, sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words. If you are wanting a buck or winning wether sired by Young Jock for the 2013 season, watch our web page for upcoming info on our spring sale.

Owned with James Duffey and Scott Shrader.




Thunder Up Game Face
Game Face x Beefy
Owned with Nicewonger Club Lambs

Sired by Possi Trac

We went to Sedalia to watch the show and drop off some delivery sheep. Little did we know that a buck like this would be there. After we studied him, we came to the conclusion that he needed to come home to WI. When Game Face walks out, he is one of those eye catching sheep… head high, cocky, with a balanced body carriage. His massive bone and foot size is rather impressive, yet it is not outdone by the width, depth, and square shape of his upper hip along with the substantial shape to his leg. Game Face is mated to 40 mature ewes and flushed to two donors.

Bred by Hays Bros, KS




Honey Badger Circus

Eccentric x Protocol

He is the buck we bought to replace Money Maker. "Honey Badger" is great ribbed, cracked open from end to end, and has tremendous base width from front to rear. He's perfect on his feet and legs, with more bone than the aforementioned Money Maker" with the same type of muscle shape - great racked, square loined and tremendous shape and muscularity to his leg. Another one of those great bucks we've brought in that has our cool combination of show ring style and power muscle shape.

Purchased Pre- Sedalia
Owned with Wolf Club Lambs - IA & Shrader Club Lambs - IN

Impact 1089
Nitro Circus x White 237 (Wise x M59- Livewire/Scorcher)

This March "Nitro Circus" buck was a pretty easy choice as a buck. As a baby he was one of the cockiest headed, stoutest made and coolest looking ones in the pen. He is as pulled apart as you can make one while maintaining a smooth shoulder, he is one of those with true base width from the bottom of his chest to the ground. The picture just gives give a hint of the muscle shape he has. One of the most unique aspects of this one is his pedigree; his dam is sired by the Wise buck who also sired our Grand at the 2010 WI State Fair and his grand dam M59 is a full sister to the Grand Hamp at KC in 2005.

Owned with Mcllrath Club Lambs




Money Maker Nitro Circus

Composure x Leverages(Cash Daughter)

The pedigree behind this guy is impressive and his phenotype and structure are second to none. This guy combines rib shape, base width, muscularity expression, touch and the athletic look perfectly. As you can see from his picture he is shallow, has a perfect turn to his rib cage and his rack shape pops up out of his top. His base width coming at you or going away is something to behold and stands perfectly on his toes.

Bred by Clay Elliott

Impact 977
Miller 566 x Masterpiece Daughter

Acquired through a Miller bred ewe purchased at The Industries Elite by our son Calvin. He is one of the most impressive handling bucks we ’ve had. He has just pure muscle shape from the back of his neck to his hip. The center portion and lower leg are full of muscle. His pin set is high and as wide as you can make one. Study his chest floor - wide and open yet tucked up and tidy in his shoulder as we like them. It’s amazing to get one this muscular and have this type of look.




Beefy O'Reilly

Miller 540 Untouchable x Miller 2861 (507’s mother)

What a pedigree behind this guy. Beyond the impressive linebred “Buckmaster” sire, his mother 2861 is the dam to the impressive 507 yearling. “Beefy“ has the old “Primetime” (sire to "Buckmaster") up and down his pedigree. “Primetime” was a linebred 801 son. Back in the early and mid 90’s is when we concentrated on using the 801 line. It’s amazing to put a pedigree like this together with the phenotype desired today. The foot size, bone, and trendy shag is tremendous. His body shape has the athletic look we strive for coupled with impressive mass when coming at you or moving away. Study his front and rear. He has true center body capacity and base width. His rack shape pops out of his back, loin is as flat and square as you can make one, with length that’s truly incredible. His hip and leg shape is full and shapely. “Beefy“ combines rib shape, base width, muscularity, expression, touch, mass, bone and foot size in a great look.

Impact 841
Mission Impossible x Impact/Tate 56

This is a concentration of our old "Packen Heat" genetics on the top and bottom of the pedigree. He was a barn favorite early from his shear mass of body, top and hip shape. He is as pulled apart as you can make one, while maintaining a smooth shoulder. The picture just gives a hint of the massive loin and hip shape he has. With all that mass it’s amazing how shallow bodied and round ribbed this buck is.

1/2 Interest was sold to Hindman Club Lambs.




Caliente Packén Heat

Impact 837
Money Maker x C-52

Study every angle of this guy he is flawless, perfect on his feet and legs, awesome in his chest floor, rib cage and shoulder. His top shape, loin and hip blend together smooth as silk. If you want base width study his front and rear view, this exemplifies base width. He has the show look, shape, handle and a very cocky attitude, garnering him the name that Tierney thought appropriately as Caliente (Hot). Our son Calvin has reminded me all year he’s not for sale and were not selling him. Every picture we took was impressive and he looks better in person on the move.

Thanks to Moser Club Lambs, IA for purchasing ½ interest.

21 X Impact 319
He is not a breeding piece he is the REAL DEAL as complete as they come. Super skeletal structure, shallow hearted, big, long hipped. Moves out walking up hill on a easy fluid motion and his best attribute is how he handles in his rack and loin shape. His dam is a "Penny" (801 son) X "Curious George" ("Gorgeous George" son).



ShowBox Game On

Son of Packen Heat X Impact 314

Impact 314 is another one of the great "Penny " daughters. She is a full sister to the dams of the 2004 Kansas City Grand and Reserve Grand Hamps. Impact 314 is the sister to many of the stud rams sold over the last few years. Genetically he is one of the best we've bred, Phenotypically he's ideal in his structural design, His picture previews the tidy chest floor and parallel body shape without sacrificing body volume and length. The rack shape, loin and hip are very appealing when observed over his top and very satisfying when handled. "Showbox's" twin brother was successfully campaigned as a wether in 2004 & was admired by many for his sculptured skeletal design, muscle shape and that Packen Heat touch.

Son of Packen Heat x Impact 334

A little different on the dam side than to the other Packen Heat sons we've been using in order to give us a little genetic difference. Impact 334 produced "Game On" in her first season, from about three days old this set of twins was determined by our daughter Tierney to be a Stud ram and show ewe. She's got a good eye the ewe was Grand Overall at both shows that she was shown at (pictured on the winners page). "Game On" as displayed in his picture is like all our other stud rams; he's perfect in his chest floor and shoulder design, extremely attractive in his body shape. Feet and legs are the foundation to the genetic base we've developed and "Game On", like all our others is fluid on the move standing on crisp pasterns with all toes placed perfectly forward. The hip, depth of twist and flex of stifle is hard to find in any other Hampshire genetic program.

½ interest sold to Mike and Kerry Storms of Illinois.




Full Impact Easy Money

He's back!! After servicing ewes in Oklahoma and Alabama over the last two years we brought him home. This is the best son of "Packen Heat," his body shape and look he presents is flawless. His length of body is tremendous. This ewe family produces stud rams and major winners, 2003 Grand and Reserve Hamp Kansas City, 2001 WI State Fair, 2002 Reserve Hamp WI State Fair.

1/2 interest sold to Hindman Show Lambs

His name defines him well. We’ve been searching for a few outcross bucks to use on our genetic line of ewes that we’ve been designing and "Easy Money" is turning into a good investment. This bucks skeletal structure in terms of feet and legs, rib shape, smoothness of shoulder, width, levelness of hip and overall length of body is the foundation to his dominate volume of muscle and shape to his rack and hind saddle.

Owned with Gene Winn & Craig Martin - New Mexico



Armani Full Force

We're very happy to add the service of Armani to our stud battery. He’s what we’ve been looking for to compliment our Impact genetic line of ewes. "Armani" is perfectly parallel on display from the side, when on the move he tracks smooth and maintains that look. His body shape is ideal for the model were building. A true stud ram, he stands with a desirable amount of base width to his chest floor, while maintaining a shoulder blade that blends smooth into a prominent spring of rib balanced off with a big, wide dead level pin set.

Special thanks to Scott Carter of Power House Club Lambs in California for helping us acquire "Armani". Check him out, he has 5 Impact bucks he's used over the past few years and his program is worth a look.

Son of Houston x Impact 417

Thanks to Peterson, Ayon and Rice of California for their purchase.



Showtime Impossible

Son of Showbox and a Sister to Packen Heat

This mating worked like a dream and we bred 30 ewes the same way for 2005. "ShowTime" as viewed is perfectly parallel in his design. Tremendously smooth in his top shape with a full rack and loin shape. His length of body, loin and rump is ideal, with the perfect dock and pin set. He has the elevation and extension to his skeleton with out sacrificing any muscle dimension. "Showtime" is the culmination of our disciplined genetic plan, with more to come in 2005. Thanks to Craig Martin & Gene Winn of New Mexico for there 1/2 interest purchase. Bob & Ben Marcantel of Louisiana purchased an identical mating.

Showboat x Impact 417

Impossible has a pedigree unmatched and the look of another great Impact stud ram. Impossible traces back to "Showbox" twice and "Packen Heat" 5 times in his pedigree. He is bred to be the most consistent and predictable sire we have ever produced. Study his pictures, structurally he is as sound as a cat and an ideal design, tremendous base width from viewed both front and rear but smooth enough not to have a rugged look. His body shape is constructed parallel, shallow, with the most width coming from the center portion of his body cavity. All of this combined with his handle of rack, loin, hip and leg shape. It seems Impossible to have put it all together.




Macho Man Mission Impossible

Showtime x Heat is On Daughter
Bred by Craig Martin

We knew when we found this one, he would add some interesting components. This bucks muscle mass, hard handle and amount of expression starting in his rack at the back of his neck all the way down his top, blowing into a massive hip and rump make him one of the most intriguing wether makers we used. His pedigree is rich in Impact genetics and with his high volume of muscle and look he will make a very nice compliment to the designer ewes were mating him to.

Impossible x Heater Daughter

This is a culmination of years of genetic matings. He has "Packen Heat" stacked up and down each side of his pedigree. He'll add mass and power without giving up any look. His loin is as perfect as one you'll ever handle, it is wide, flat and ties in flawlessly like all the Impossible's. He is one the the neatest looking sheep walking around, he is dead level over his top and perfect through his tail set and hip. He was one of the most eye appealing lambs from 2007 set and never missed a day.





86 Son A Cabaniss buck that Todd & MK Franz purchased in 2005 from Cabaniss.
We lost our 86 son just after getting him home that same year and have been after a son since that time.
The look and quality of muscle this sheep has is tremendous. As a 3 year old he looks like a show lamb, still expressive in
his rack shape, big hipped with plenty of twist and an abundance of stifle.

Thanks again to Franz's for selling 1/2 interest in this buck.


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